Why Ask Maria?

After more than 12 years of software engineering at Etsy, I was given the opportunity to step out on my own and help people directly, and I’m making the most of it! I offer a unique blend of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills, which results in happy clients who know more about their tech and feel good about moving forward.

I started at Etsy after a decade of consulting and training, and quickly became the tech-lead for their multi-site WordPress installation. My next big task was to build an email marketing platform, from scratch! While succeeding in these roles, I built a personal reputation as a go-to subject matter expert, and over time grew into a role that centered on people. Engineers came to me for coding help, marketing professionals partnered closely with me to make the most of the tools, and managers sent their new hires to me to ensure they started on the right foot. Now I’m able to offer all that I’ve learned over my life-long career as a consultant, engineer,  and trainer directly to your small business.

I know how to translate tech jargon into plain English, and my friendly and encouraging approach has been honed over decades of working with marketing professionals and small business owners. After working with me, you’ll have more than solutions: you’ll have a better understanding of the tech you’re using to grow your business, and we might even have some fun along the way!


How I Work

My Approach

When consulting on your tech – I work with you, as opposed to doing the work for you. This means you’ll gain the knowledge you can use well after we’re done. Figuring out your own tech is possible, even if you need some help to get started. When we meet, you share your screen, ask your questions, and I will advise, guide, and explain your marketing tech each step of the way.

The result is that your task is done, your sequence is created, or an automation has been built. In addition, you’ll have the confidence to move forward and repeat the steps on your own.

As a teacher – I’m patient and kind. I’ve worked with developers from first-time coders to senior engineers and beyond, and I can tailor our 1:1 sessions to meet your needs wherever you are. Just as a portrait painter needs to know how to portray their vision on a canvas, and not necessarily how to make paint – we’ll hone the aspects you need to get work done and not waste time on fluff. In other words, we’ll focus on the practical skills that you can use right away, and skip rote memorization of details that you don’t need.

We each learn differently. When you work with me 1:1, we’ll ensure that your questions are answered and you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned to earn more, and you’ll be confident in what you know.