Hi, I'm Maria Hernandez. (She/Her)

Tech Trainer & Consultant.

#QueerOwnedBusiness #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Get Tech Help From a Human Who Cares

Your marketing can’t work…

if your tech stack is broken.

There are so many options to consider when it comes to marketing tools and platforms for your business. I’m here to guide and support you in making the best choices that  support your business growth.

  • Are you sure you’re using the right marketing tech for your growth goals?
  • Do you know how to automate and integrate your tech tools and services?
  • Is it possible you’re paying for more services than you need or can even use?

Let's audit your current tech stack.

It's time to stop being scared of your tech!

Discover which tools are best for your business now.

Get live help with the tools you need for marketing.

Tech: Demystified

I have decades of experience in teaching, consulting, and software engineering, and I’ve got a knack for making tech easier for small business owners.

I make tech fun!

You Can Do It

Website updates? Trying to set up an automated email sequence? Wishing you felt more comfortable and confident using the tech that powers your marketing ?

I can help!

Personal Support for You

DIY instructions for marketing tech tools can be confusing. Free videos can help, but it’s often impossible to ask questions or get the answers you need for your business.

I care about your success.

You Keep Your Credentials

When we meet, you log in and share your screen with me. We will get to work without having to share passwords or deal with multi-factor authentication issues. 

I am here to help.

Meet Maria

Maria Hernandez is an experienced teacher, consultant, and software engineer with a gift for helping people understand what they thought they could not.

She’s taught technology to underserved communities in the non-profit sector, taught and mentored dozens of professional software engineers, and trained small business owners. If you talked to those who’ve worked with her, they’d agree that, “You should ask Maria!”

Maria has worked with large brands and small businesses. She’s built a full email marketing system from the ground up at a large e-commerce company, and helped marketing professionals learn the ins and outs of their tools!

She knows Marketing Tech, and she can help you make sense of it.


“I needed to get my new website up in a hurry. I had some instructions but they were hard to follow. Maria made it so easy, it was actually fun!”

Kristi Straw, MBA

Lighthouse Leadership Consultants

“I tried everything I could, and was still stuck. I shared my screen with Maria and not only was my site fixed up quickly, but I learned so much!”

Amanda Nesheiwat

Envision Green, LLC.

“Maria helped me create a new automation and email sequence with ConvertKit in less than an hour. We even tested to make sure it works on mobile devices!”

Veronica Drake

Intuitive Business Coach